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Don't Have an Address for Your HR Biz?

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Get a Virtual Mailbox for Your Small Business

Many small business owners start their company right out of their homes. Having to use your home address to send and receive mail can make a business owner hesitant. Fortunately, advances in technology can eliminate this issue. Doing some research, I found there are virtual mailbox companies that are useful to small business owners.

The first company I found is called Anytime Mailbox. With Anytime Mailbox, you get a real street address. There’s a list of post offices, in your local city, to select from. You select the post office you’d like to use. Your address would be the exact address of the post office you chose just with the numbers of your P.O. Box. For example:

Your Name

1234 Guilford Ave #Mailbox

Baltimore, MD, 21215

The above is how your address would look. The starting price varies according to the location of your post office but they’re not expensive. Some of the benefits included are incoming mail, open and scan, and mail forwarding. Open and scan basically allows the post office to open your mail and scan it into your virtual mailbox cloud. You can view your mail via mobile app or online. Unlimited online storage, unlimited mail shredding, and unlimited recycling are some of the other services provided. Check deposit is available with a $5 fee.

Earth Class Mail is more on the expensive side with plans starting at $69. They provide the same services as Anytime Mailbox. They open your mail and you decide if you want it scanned, deposited, shredded or forwarded. Each plan includes unlimited inbound mail scan and free online notary. You can notarize your documents from anywhere. You can find out more about Earth Class Mail by visiting them online and scheduling a demo.

The last company researched was iPostal1. As with the previous companies you get an address, a digital mailbox and services to discard mail. One unique thing about iPostal1 is the ability to add up to five recipients if added within 30 days. So, if you have a small business with 1-5 employees you can have mail received by specific departments. Their smallest package starts at $9.99 and the largest package is $24.99.

So, if you’re starting or currently running a small business there are alternatives to using your physical home address. Anytime Mailbox, Earth Class Mail, and iPostal1 are just a few virtual mailbox companies out there. Do some digging and see what works best for you and your business.

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